A Brisbane to Melbourne Road Trip!

There are many incredible roadtrips you could choose to experience in Australia, all with outstanding views and unbelievable experiences on offer. This particular roadtrip is ideal if you want to [...]

living overseas: sydney, australia

Doing a Working Holiday in Australia: Ready to do your working holiday? Not really sure what to expect? Everyone’s experience is different, but let me tell you about mine, and some of the [...]

Why you shouldn’t skip Canberra

Welcome to Canberra: Home of History and Culture A lot of visitors usually skip Canberra when they visit Australia, especially if you are a first time visitor. It has always been Sydney or [...]


Chances are at some point during your travels in Australia, you will end up in Sydney. It’s the perfect place to live and work, whilst at the same time feeling like you’re constantly experiencing [...]

The Sydney Guide

Sydney is one of the most famous cities of the southern hemisphere and often mistakenly called the capital of Australia, embodies the relaxed and easy-going way of life. Therefore, every year [...]

Noosa: The new Queensland destination

Once upon a time, Noosa was perceived as the retirement capital of Queensland, but now it welcomes guests of every age. Divided into Noosa Heads and Noosaville, this spectacularly beautiful area [...]

Camping with Cassowaries at Etty Bay

  Etty Bay On our way with Cyclone Debbie A low had been forming off the coast of Cairns, Far North Queensland in Australia and it had formed into a cyclone which they had called “Debbie” [...]

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