Noosa: The new Queensland destination

by Claudia Piva

Noosa Main Beach

Once upon a time, Noosa was perceived as the retirement capital of Queensland, but now it welcomes guests of every age. Divided into Noosa Heads and Noosaville, this spectacularly beautiful area caters to travelers from all over Australia with each area having plenty to offer everybody. The main beach has the perfect backdrop of a national park and is set in the most convenient location, combining the best of nature and small town life. Across from the beach is the picturesque Hastings street, which has the perfect restaurants and boutiques to suit any style. A short drive down to Gympie Terrace shows the beauty of the Noosa river, with plenty of shopping and watersports, this area is the casual side of this perfect getaway town. Each trip to Noosa can be completely different, and it should be! This is not a town you can visit just once. Here is a short explanation of the highlights of this charming town.

Noosa Main Beach

It’s always a good idea to start with the main attraction of any town, and for Noosa it is of course the fabulous beach! Prepare yourself for beautifully soft sand and powerful crashing waves as you gaze upon the sun setting over the fantastic rainforest that sits behind. The beach is lined by a timber boardwalk right next to the sand which spans for approx. 7kms, the perfect distance if you intend to keep up your fitness on holiday with a charming run. However, the shinning gem of this beach is the corner directly in front of the towns surf club (a great spot for lunch to support the local lifeguards!). Choose here to sit for the perfect view of the surfers who glide the waves through the rocks right on your right-hand side. The waves here can get a little rough, so if travelling with children or not a strong swimmer, this spot is perfect as it is right near the lifeguard tower. But it’s the little details of this beach that makes it so special. The sand of Noosa main beach feels silky against your toes and you just can’t stop digging your toes further and further in. But perhaps even more spectacular than the sand is the water. The average temperature of the ocean water in Noosa is 19 degrees, so forget about those shivers and the cringing as you dive in! However, a full day in the sun is never healthy, so when you feel like your skin needs a break, it’s time to head down to Hastings street.

Hastings street

Hastings street is the hub of Noosa heads, and there are plenty of reasons why! Noosa is filled with boutique shops full of resort wear that cannot be found anywhere else. Cute sundresses and reasonable prices are the standout factors of the princess boutique which is nestled in between your standard upper class chains such as Witchery, Kookai and Seed Heritage. It can provide the dedicated shopper with hours of entertainment and money spending fun. Snuggled in between these boutiques of individuality is plenty restaurants for whatever occasion you feel like.


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Where to eat on Hastings street

The first restaurant which I must mention is of course The Noosa Beach House by Peter Kuruvita. The Sri Lankan modern cuisine is perfect for a hardy meal when the hunger of the salt water begins to strike while the interior provides such a fresh feeling from its white based colour pallet. However, if something more casual is more your style, make sure to check out Betty’s Burgers down near the lifesaving club. This franchise was originally formed in Sydney, but it translates perfectly into the Noosa atmosphere. The burgers here are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of grease and freshness, but make sure you try exactly what they’re known for: THE SHAKES! I can try to describe the creamy flavor rich texture, but I will fail every single time, you just have to taste it for yourself. And when you’ve finished filling your belly, its time to put that energy to good use down in Gympie Terrace.

Noosaville River

Noosaville is the chilled-out version of Hastings street. When you’re ready to sit in the same place for 5 hours, Gympie Terrace (the main suburb of Noosaville) is the perfect spot for you. Although it’s not on the beach, Gympie terrace is located on the Noosa river, which provides the most beautiful water based backdrop without the noise of the people or the waves. But it is not just a place to relax, it also happens to be the water sporting hub of Noosa. Some standouts include Stand up paddle boarding, this is an absolute must. There are many hire places that sit along the river that are incredibly cost effective (around $30 for 2 hours) and is a really relaxing way to enjoy the water and feel the sun. And don’t be nervous to give it a go! Many places have a lot of expertise and are not afraid to share them with you. But if your more into some battery-operated watersports, there are plenty of options for you as well.


Watersports in Gympie Terrace

Jet skis are always a highlight and once again available at quite reasonable price. However, if you want to try something new that a group of you can experience together then its Aqua donut time! Yes, it’s pretty much what it sounds like, a big donut (like the ones you normally tow off a boat) which holds up to 12 people. The center of the boat has a perfectly sized BBQ and sail cloth with Bluetooth and lights for the perfect lunch or dinner out on the water. No boat license is required to drive one of these, so take advantage and create an experience that your travelling partners will not soon forget!


It safe to say that Noosa has lost its older generation label and replaced it with beautiful scenery and a little bit of everything. The main beach, Hastings street and Gympie Terrace all cater to many different kinds of travelers and its obvious to see why people from all across Australia keep on coming back.